TORLEN PROFESSIONAL Adjustable Temperature TOR 040 Hair Straighter Flat Ceramic Iron Pink

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Are you sick and tired of getting your hair tangled while trying to get it straightened? Have you already damaged some of your hair while using your hair straightener? Switch to Torlen TOR 040 Hair Straightener and all these troubles of yours could be matters of yesterday. The Torlen TOR 040 hair straightener has the latest tourmaline ceramic technology. This hair straightener is backed by micro porous technology that uses the concept of creating ion field to lock in the natural moisture of your hair. The result of using this hair straightener is that your straight hair remains shiny and smooth. This hair straightener takes only 30 seconds to heat up to the appropriate temperature. The temperature control is flexible and ranges from 80°C to 210°C. Thus, you can get your hair instantly styled without bothering about damaging it. Using this hair straightener is extremely easy and its 3-meter swivel cord means that you can move to the front of your dressing mirror to straighten your hair. The soft rubber grip helps you control the hair straightener easily and use it conveniently. This hair straightener has floating flexible plates that are resistant to scratches. You can continue to use it for years without any hassles. So, stop worrying about hair damage while straightening it – switch to the Torlen TOR 040 hair straightener today.

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