Lakme Absolute Gloss Artist Eye Liner - Black(2.5ml)

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The Lakme Absolute Gloss Artist is a vinyl liquid liner which gives your eyes the darkest black stroke with a glossy finish. Lakme has a vast product range specially crafted by experts for the Indian skin. The brand Lakme has also been redefining fashion in India for over 15 years with Lakme Fashion Week, India's premier fashion event. Deep, dense black and gorgeously glossy! Here's the new eyeliner from Lakme - The Lakme Absolute Gloss Artist Eye Liner. It's a liquid liner of the deepest black tone that has a high color payoff. It's made to last long and shine with a professional touch of gloss. The brush is designed with a unique tip to make sure your application is easy but precise, without the fear of uneven lines. Love defining your eyes? Then this is the product for you! Buy the Lakme Absolute Gloss Artist Eye Liner, right away!

Benefits and Features:

The Lakme Absolute Gloss Artist is smudge proof and long lasting

The Lakme Absolute Gloss Artist's unique felt-tip brush makes application smooth and easy

The Lakme Absolute Gloss Artist delivers high shine and high coverage

How to use product

On the upper lid, draw a neat stroke , starting from the inner corner of the eye and extending outwards.

Repeat on lower lid.

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