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“Be your own kind of beautiful”
Maliqaa welcomes you to a world of beauty and lifestyle in an environment that is both glittery and intriguing. We work towards providing our customers with 100% genuine products from leading national and international brands catering to all the major categories like cosmetics, skin care, bath and body, hair care, fragrances, herbal care as well as fashion accessories. Our aim is to increase our presence in the Indian market and serve our customers by fulfilling their beauty and personal care needs. At Maliqaa, we celebrate the true inner as well as outer beauty of every individual. In this journey of trying and rediscovering yourself at every stage, we are with you.

Maliqaa is an online store that is involved in the selling of worldwide products ranging from cosmetic to wellness and beauty products of various brands. With the current growing trends in the Indian market of purchasing beauty products online, we went ahead to launch our own e-commerce portal to cater to the wide range of customers, both male and female. With the introduction of a vast range of brands on our platform like Bobbi Brown, Nykaa, Maybelline, Neutrogena, Loreal, Biotique, Wet n Wild to name a few. Gradually, we would expand our product range to include more skin care, hair care, makeup products and more, we will continue to increase our product range over the coming years. In the process of establishing us online, we discovered a whole universe of beauty just waiting to be unleashed and from there we channelized our passion for bringing the best forward. We are on a spree of continually introducing new brands and products to our customers. However, our choices are influenced by the latest trends and development of new ingredients in the market along with the increasing and popular demands of the customer. We aspire to be a  premium online store that aims to bring together the finest products in one place. We are also committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability.
We persevere to become the largest beauty destination in India with a huge base of happy customers who would depend on us for their favourite brands to look and feel gorgeous always. Maliqaa has on offer a string of premium brands which are competitively priced and made available for shopping by the customers. We, at Maliqaa, take great pride in offering a comprehensive range of makeup, skincare, bath and body, hair care, fragrances, luxury and wellness products for women and men. Customers from all parts of the country could access our products offered online and they would be delivered at their doorstep within a stipulated period of time by means of leading and reliable courier companies. Delivering the products quickly and safely is something we pay the utmost attention to, otherwise, our efforts put from the start have a chance of getting wasted.

Living up to its tagline of ‘Beyond Beauty’, Maliqaa ensures a quality shopping experience to all its clients through an easy and comprehensible interface, powered by the latest technology, making sure of smooth navigation across the portal. With us, you explore and experiment on different facets of your beauty and lifestyle, being assured of the quality and service provided. We believe in providing a hassle-free environment to purchase your favourite makeup, skincare and lifestyle products at prices you could easily afford.
The name Maliqaa means ‘The Queen’ and so our brand resonates with the thought of every individual has a queen within her that demands respect and signifies the epitome of beauty. Maliqaa is all about celebrating the spirit, beauty, grace and aura of women. We admire the confidence, strength and dignity with which each woman lives her life. Trust us and let us be your companion as you take on numerous avatars and discover your own identity and establish your personal style. As your trusted companion, our endeavour is to make your life simpler by providing you with world-class products along with some suggestions here and there. We also have on board a team of skilled professionals to help you out with answers to your multiple questions related to beauty and lifestyle. We have made it our motive and thereby our team compassionately works on serving you better and helping you achieve your wellness needs.
Makeup has been around for centuries now and the state of beauty is constantly evolving. What started with the red pigment clay is now a captivating world of foundation, lipstick, rouge, blush, mascara, eyeliner or eye shadow. Maliqaa, a solid combination of technology and beauty delivers the best of both the worlds. A lot of your queries online could be solved by our search engine, wherein you just need to enter your keywords and there will be more results displayed than you could handle. We also keep you updated about the changing trends and times in the beauty industry thereby helping you in not getting obsolete. With the reviews and comments displayed under each product item, our customers could scroll and go through the honest and genuine opinions about the products of many other customers, who might have bought and used the same much before you were able to get your hands on them. So, get first-hand knowledge of the experiences of numerous clients. There is also an option of writing in the Q&A section on the product page and allow our beauty experts to give an answer to all your queries with the best possible solution. In case, you find the product worth it, you could also share your views on the same, that might benefit other users.
The Indian beauty industry has seen huge growth in the last 10 years, simply by paying more attention to its shoppers’ needs and demands. With the onset of the online platforms, companies started offering variety, decent discounts, deals and the convenience of shopping at your convenience. The e-shopping bug made the customers coming back for more and eventually becoming a part of their everyday lives. The beauty sector is out and out cashing in on this new marketplace in a big way. The growth in demand was majorly seen from the tier III cities, that were rejoicing on having access to the best that’s available in the country, that might not be physically available to them near their house.

We at Maliqaa admire and aspire the genuine worth in every woman, irrespective of their age or any other parameter. We believe that our customers deserve nothing but the best, purest, authentic beauty and wellness products that are available in the world. We take pride in guaranteeing the authenticity of our products, that are directly sourced from the brands or the authorized distributors. Purchasing from the grey market has and will always be against our ethics. Our authenticity also extends to all the other aspects of our business. From its very inception, we have dedicated ourselves in dealing with product quality control so that our customers are assured of purchasing 100% genuine and fresh products, sourced directly from the manufacturers or their authorized distributors. We are aware of the fact that any online shopping store should be trustworthy and reliable. We provide our customers with all the available information and also guarantee dedicated and efficient customer service. Maliqaa is backed by a dedicated team of professionals, devoted to improving the shopping experience of the customers. We work towards ensuring and enhancing the virtual experience feature on our sites making it interactive and engaging, making the customers spend a prolonged amount of time on the portal, eventually exiting after the purchase of their desired products. All the products on display undergo stringent inspection for quality, disfiguring, tampering or any other damage. The products are always checked before they are shipped to our customers.

Our core mantra is to share our beauty obsessions with our customers. Maliqaa’s mission is to make its online portal the ultimate beauty and lifestyle shopping destination, wherein each customer gets whatever he/she is searching or even thinking of. We intensively work towards having a very responsive and committed customer support team, that answer every single message with equal attention and enthusiasm. For us, the customers, are the main element of our business. We sincerely value, appreciate and cherish the time and money spent by them on our online beauty store.

Our team makes every effort in trying to reinforce the brands’ reputation for its product quality and reliability. Quality control audits are made at regular intervals to ensure the same. Random sampling to check for and return products near expiry, surprise checks at the warehouse to ensure all quality control measures are carried out and choosing the most reliable courier partners across the country. We are committed to the vertical integration of quality control and cent percent authenticity of the various product offerings to build, develop, sustain and retain consumer trust and confidence. In another step to ensure complete quality control, the team at Maliqaa controls the entire value chain, from product sourcing to its final sale to make sure that no fake products are sold. Every product sold online can be traced back to the brand by means of the sales receipts. The team at the warehouse is specially trained to examine all exterior packaging and expiration dates of beauty products on receipt of products and prior to shipping to the customers. In order to get an update on the latest arrivals, the trending and hot selling products, we also offer a feature of subscribing to our website, wherein we procure your mail address and keep updating you on a daily basis.

To make the shopping experience of our customers a hassle-free one, we also have convenient payment options through Internet Banking, Credit & Debit Cards. All of our online payment options are thoroughly safe and are facilitated through secure payment gateways with top-of-the-line encryption, thereby completely safeguarding the payment and transactional information. In case our customers are uncomfortable paying online, we also have the Cash on Delivery payment option, letting our customers pay for the product on delivery. Maliqaa is an online fashion hub offering anything and everything that is chic and in-vogue. With the introduction of new styles and unique products added to our collection on a regular basis, we ensure our customers have a great time while shopping. Our customers could shop on the website whenever it is feasible for them as we are available for orders 24/7.

The online beauty industry comprises a big segment in the beauty industry today. We make sure of updating the newest of newest brands on our portal from time to time to let our customers explore, choose and indulge in the world of beauty extravaganza. With the advancement of technology, new innovative ideas and increasingly conscious customers, many beauty brands have given birth to more and more organic and naturally made products with no side effects or negative effects. Chemical based products are an old school thought now, given its dropping sales with the incoming of intelligent and more aware customers. Looking at the current scenario, even we at Maliqaa introduced a section for products that are organic, herbal, ayurvedic and natural. We offer a wide range of these products for our consumers to choose from and decide for themselves on which one would suit their well being the most. These products have known to garner the attention of a huge consumer base as they find these safer and beneficial for their skin, hair and lifestyle in general. This has further challenged the chemical based products in the market and has made them incorporate some major change in ingredients to help benefit their clients.
The future seems to be in the hands of the companies researching, experimenting and producing products based on natural and safe ingredients. Consumers, overtime and a great amount of exposure have realized the need to accept products that are safe for the skin as well as for nature. Chemical based products cause significant damage to one’s skin and take away the natural beauty from it. There are various brands that have stepped into the market with products that are gentle and beneficial to the skin, hair and body. Brands like The Body Shop, Seasoul, Lotus Herbals, Forest Essentials, Kama Ayurveda, Himalaya Herbals, Biotique, Khadi Naturals amongst a few are in the race competing to make it to the consumer’s list of favourites.
With the change of the shopping behaviour of customers to e-commerce as compared to traditional bricks and mortar, the range of choice within brands has expanded drastically as has the number of brands themselves. The incoming of the new business models has changed the way consumers used to look and approach the beauty industry. Even social media has changed the way customers interact, becoming marketing channels, sales channels, doing PR, digital advertising and influencing consumer behaviour through paid or organic means. The founders of Maliqaa carefully studied and understood the nuances and impact of these changes, thereby implementing them in a systematic and dynamic way to cater to the huge customer base, that keeps waiting for better quality products, new content, faster service, smoother delivery and good deals. We also have special offers during special occasions like Rakhi, Republic day, Independence Day, Christmas, Diwali, Holi, Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc., letting our customers enjoy the season of holidays with even more enthusiasm and fervour. India is a land of emotions and we at Maliqaa respect and celebrate the emotional quotient of our customers and hence this acts as a small tribute from us to our customers.

In today's era of modernization and beautification, the usage of beauty care products is not gendered at all. Now, unlike the earlier times, the grooming of men is equally important and necessary. Beauty products also mount up to be a great gifting option as well. From skincare to haircare Products, the list of options seems to be endless.  A poet John Keats had once said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. The concept of Maliqaa resonates with this thought and lets you have that eternal glow by using a range of cosmetics products on offer. Our online store is categorized into various sections like women fashion, men’s fashion eye make up, skin care products, toiletries, face makeup and accessories.
For the amount of endurance your skin, hair and body faces, it definitely deserves special care. The special care routine, however, changes according to the season. For example, it is advisable to apply sunscreen lotions in summers to protect your skin from the damaging rays. Whereas, in winters demands, your skin needs to be moisturized and given the right amount of nourishment to prevent any kind of dryness. At Maliqaa, our customers can surf and get their hands on a varied range of skin care products to choose from. It simply is the most effective one-stop solution for all your needs. Buying Cosmetics Online in India was never so easy before. We invest heavily in providing our consumers a delightful treat of amenity products. The concept of Maliqaa started with a great idea and a little hard work and today we stand proud to provide quality products directly on to your doorstep. Get yourself spoilt for multiple choices with our collection of labeled products, which have been hand picked by our fashion experts We, at Maliqaa take pleasure in meeting every fashion need and desire of yours, with a string of products for a fashionable you from tip to toe. We understand that each purchase made by our customers is valuable and at times items are bought to create some priceless moments and we respect this emotion of our customers.

We have designed our platform in a way that we let our customers compare the various categories of products, based on their reviews, recommendations and ratings. This gives the customer a fair idea of what to invest in. In case, you wish to purchase a product, however, are unable to at a particular time, there is also an option on our portal, wherein our customers could add the product to their wishlist and come back later and purchase it at their own will. In case of a product not being available or out of stock, customers could also click on the ‘Notify Me’ button, wherein the customer is required to fill in their email address and they would be eventually notified, once the desired product is made available on the site again. With so many convenient options in place, we at Maliqaa work passionately towards making our clients happy and content. We assure that if our clients visit us once, they will not be able to stop themselves from visiting us again and again, as we would not leave any scope of complaints or negative reviews or experience.
For the interests of many of our customers, we have also introduced a section of blogs, wherein we display blogs on different yet prevalent topics, such as Health, Beauty, Science and Technology and Electronics. This section is for those categories of people who like to read and gain knowledge about the different aspects of beauty and fashion. We provide a perspective and information on topics that might be of interest to a lot of our customers. Our customers to also drop in their feedbacks or comments, in case they want blogs of certain topics to be written or if they found the current blog useful or not. The purpose of this section is just to impart knowledge and let the customers have an insight to our approach and thought process, which would help build a relation between us along with instilling their trust on us as their brand of choice.

We welcome everyone to our world of beauty and fashion and encourage our customers to have an exciting, engaging and affordable online shopping experience. Login to our website and Shop On!